Number of nodes with and without channels.


Unique = channels connecting nodes directly for the first time. Duplicate = channels between nodes that are already connected.

Network Capacity

Cumulative bitcoin capacity across all channels.

Capacity Per Channel

Channel capacity statistics.

Distance Measures

The maximum number of hops required to reach another node (among shortest paths).

Completeness Measures

Density is a ratio of actual / potential channels.

Clustering Measures

Transitivity is the ratio of potential triangles present. A value of 1 means every path of length 2 loops back into a triangle. Clustering coefficient is the ratio of interconnections between a node's peers. A value of 0 means the node is a hub, and none of its peers are connected. A value of 1 means the node forms a clique with its peers.

Connectivity Measures

A cut channel (aka cut edge, or bridge) is a channel between two nodes that connects different components of the network. This channel's removal would prevent other nodes from having a path. A cut node (aka cut vertex) is the same idea, except it's a crucial node instead of a channel.

Channels Per Node

Channels involving a node.

Capacity Per Node

Capacity across all channels involving a node.